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Visualization: Change Your Life

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If you ever feel lost, unsure of what you are doing with your life, or like you are stuck in a rut, you are not alone. Visualization can help you discover your purpose.

First step to a better, more intentional life…

Know what you want!

I mention this briefly in my post about getting out of your own way.

You want your life to be better or different in some way… or maybe you don’t know what you want out of life and feel a little lost. Either way, I think we all have some room for improvement or personal growth.

What does it really mean for your life to be better? That’s going to be different for everyone. You need to know what you want before you can start making changes. It’s important to visualize the end goal, to act as a motivational guide.


Visualizing is actually a mental exercise. It comes up a lot when people talk about the law of attraction and manifestation, but this post not about that.

I think both of those things can play an important role in keeping your mind on the goal and maintaining a positive attitude. However, vibrations and energies alone are not going to change your life.

Take a few minutes for yourself somewhere quiet. Clear your mind.

Picture your perfect life if you had no barriers – financial, physical, social, or otherwise. Use your senses.

You wake up.

Where are you?

Can you feel the sunlight?

What does your home look like?

Are you alone or is someone with you?

How do you feel?

What do you eat?

Is it homemade or did you go out to eat?

What are you wearing?

How will you be spending your day?

Where do you work and what type of work are you doing?

Do you take time to relax?

When you go outside, where do you live?

Do you step out into a city center, nature, the end of a cul-de-sac, maybe a farm?

Who are you spending time with?

Literally, imagine every single aspect of your perfect day as if there was absolutely nothing holding you back.

This vision may change over time. You will likely get better at seeing the details of what you want the more you think about it. If you are willing to humor yourself and try it, I bet you will find motivation. You might even discover some things you didn’t know you wanted.

Now obviously there may not be changes you can make that will immediately land you in a beach house in Hawaii, but I think the exercise allows you to admit to yourself what you really want. A lot of the important parts are in the details.

When you analyze your dream day, choose a goal to start working towards. Maybe you saw yourself healthier or working in a different career or spending more time with family. These are all attainable goals that you can work towards by making small changes.

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