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Infertility Update

I am officially over one month post-op from my salpingectomy and ready to give an update. You can read my previous infertility posts, here

As a quick recap, I had a robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery to remove my right fallopian tube and test the functionality of my left tube for possible removal.

The procedure ended up requiring five small incisions. Since I have a lot of scar tissue from previous surgeries, it was not safe to cut in my lower abdomin. The incisions were placed above my belly buttom in a clear area so they could clear a path down to my tubes.

During the surgery, lots of scar tissue, a cyst, and my right tube were removed. The left tube had been wrapped in scar tissue, but became functional once it was freed! This was great news for me because it means we can try natural pregnancy and don’t have to go through IVF.


I had an excellent surgeon who specializes in procedures for patients with a lot of previous abdominal damage. Although I look like I was part of a bad magic act, (being sawed in half) I have had had very minimal pain while recovering. 

Post salpingectomy recovery

That is good for obvious reasons, but it can be dangerous when I am not getting a warning signal from my body that I am doing too much. I have had a few days where I overdid it. That caused me to have tightness and weakness in my stomach, making me need extra rest. Fear of getting a hernia and needing another surgery has been a huge motivator to find balance and take lots of rests.

Struggles and Supplements

I’m not gonna lie, the bloating associated with this surgery is real. Even one month post-op I can only fit into one pair of jeans, so yoga pants for the win. I am drinking insane amounts of water and taking probiotics to combat this, but if you have any tips send them my way.

It will be another month before I can return to my regular exercise and yoga and a little longer than that before we can start trying to conceive. However, I have started walking on the treadmill and lifting light weights under 10lbs.

I am focusing on healing myself as quickly as possible through a healthy diet.

Currently, I am taking supplements recommended by my reproductive endocrinologist- prenatal vitamin, folate, and vitamin d. It is recommended to start taking prenatal around 3 months before trying to conceive to improve egg health.

I am also drinking a pregnancy tea and pomegranate juice because they seem like excellent uterine health boosters. I have a few months to get to my best health, and I’ll be sharing any tips I find useful.

Obviously I am not a doctor and you should check with your physician before taking any supplements or herbal remedies.

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