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Palm Oil

The first time I heard about palm oil was on an episode of Grace and Frankie. Frankie developed a yam lube (yeah you read that right), but she has to fight the company to keep palm oil out of the product. Palm oil is significantly more affordable for the corporation, but Frankie takes a stand to save the rainforest. After watching the episode, I was wondering what is palm oil and why was it so important for her to fight against it, so I did some researching.  What is Palm …

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Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Give a Sh*t Review

So you give a sh*t? So you’ve heard— natural disasters are on the rise, habitats are being destroyed, species are going extinct at an alarming rate, and human beings are living and working in (and dying due to) unspeakable conditions. Chances are, if you know about the state of our planet, you care about all of these terrible things, and you probably even want to help stop them. That was me, I’ve had a life-long save the world complex and no idea how to actually save the world. I have …

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Infertility, I am 1 in 8

Infertility affects one in eight couples. One in eight couples experience problems with fertility. If you are that one, even if it seems like everyone around you is pregnant or raising babies, you are not on this journey alone.  We have such a strong fear of pregnancy instilled in us at a young age, that I always thought once I decided to get pregnant it would happen immediately. I never knew that there are only three to six fertile days and a 20% chance of getting pregnant each month.  I …