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Infertility feels like…

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A Month of Infertility

Infertility feels like—

Getting to know your body better than anyone should

Eating like a wellness guru so you have top-notch quality eggs

Having a uncommon comfort level with doctor’s exams because you get them so often

Its the first thing on your mind as you take your temperature before your feet even hit the floor

Worrying about things like uterine thickness

Taking all the supplements and drinking all the teas

Researching any magic oil, drink, position, or some method that happened to work for someone once

Medications that make your crazy, hormonal, and oh the hot flashes 

Peeing on all the sticks. Testing and testing and testing, multiple times a day because a hormone flux can come and go within 12 hours 

It’s trying to keep the romance when you need perfectly timed baby making sessions

Then it’s the two-week wait.

Praying it worked

Constantly symptom spotting

Being hyper-aware of every feeling in your body, physical and emotional

Wondering if that twinge or pain was implantation

Scouring trying to conceive boards for hours looking for some confirmation that what your feeling is what some other woman felt once before she got her big fat positive

Learning all kinds of new acronyms so you can understand what anyone is even talking about on those forums

Wondering why all the pregnancy symptoms are the same as PMS

Testing every day hoping to see double lines

It’s getting a negative test and then going back hours later to see if it has magically changed

It’s crying and heartbreak when your cycle begins again and you realize that you still aren’t getting a baby.

Staying hopeful even when it hurts

Then it is doing it all over again.


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