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So you give a sh*t?

So you’ve heard— natural disasters are on the rise, habitats are being destroyed, species are going extinct at an alarming rate, and human beings are living and working in (and dying due to) unspeakable conditions. Chances are, if you know about the state of our planet, you care about all of these terrible things, and you probably even want to help stop them.

That was me, I’ve had a life-long save the world complex and no idea how to actually save the world. I have seen the images of the polar bears starving to death and sea creatures with bellies full of plastic, watched the documentaries of thousands of people dying for the sake of fast fashion, and heard the reports about climate change’s effects on our ecosystems, but I had no idea how to help. It really does seem like too much for one person to make a difference.

Do Good. Live Better. Save the Planet.

Insert Ashlee Piper’s Give a Sht. This is a practical handbook for helping you live better. Ashlee tells you about her journey to giving a sh*t, what is happening, and what you can do about it. It is honest, relatable, and feels like getting good advice from a friend.

She’s really real, like uncensored real, so if you’re not into strong language, this might be a hard read. I love that this book is a take what you can use and leave what you don’t, non-judgmental guide. It has facts, suggestions, recipes, and ideas for anyone who gives a sh*t. I think it’s a great starting place.

A lot of the lifestyle changes in Give a Sh*t will not only bring positive changes to the planet but to your life as well. These are value-based life decisions that can improve your health and wallet. Not feeling all of the ideas in this book? That’s okay! Small changes can make big differences, especially when enough people join in.


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