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About me

I’m Mary, a twenty-something from East Tennessee that recently moved to Alabama. I am a wife to the most amazing man and a dog mom of my two favorite animals. Sociology major turned marketing professional. I am the most forgetful person I know, which is where I get my love of all things organization. I’m currently fighting infertility, trying to get that baby mamma status. I live life on silver linings and have a small save the world complex. You can either find me on an adventure or binge-watching on my couch, there is no in-between.

About the blog

This blog is dedicated to wellness – mind body and soul. I am working towards being the best version of myself, and I want to help others reach that goal along the way. You will find information on nutrition, fitness, minimalism, eco-friendly living, women’s health, travel, and anything else that I think could be helpful!